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If you're a personal trainer trying to take your business online, these are the first steps you need to take via @myptwebsite #PT #personaltrainer https://buff.ly/2ykLDhh

Personal Trainer? Check out this article to learn why you would want your fitness website to be mobile-friendly and the 5 simple steps to achieve it. #personaltrainer https://buff.ly/2OrwRjQ @myptwebsite

A winged scapula is a very common postural dysfunction that can create all types of neck and shoulder #pain if the instability is not addressed. Here are some great stabilizing methods & exercises to correct the problem.
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Cross-training for fitness competitors: What you need to know via @ProSupps https://buff.ly/2YarKc9 #crosstraining #training #fitness

This post evaluates the quality of different #protein powders like whey, casein, soy and plenty more, to find out which ones work best for building muscle. #nutrition #fitness @dioxyme https://buff.ly/2Op2Els

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